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Exhibits should be selected for type, uniformity, quality and maturity. 

LOT 1: VEGETABLES: Root crops should be clean, not washed and tops cut off.
Smaller vegetables shall exhibit 3 samples of each, except for beans need 6 samples. Large vegetables shall exhibit 1. Herbs are 1 sample.
Cornucopia, Entry will be in a basket with an assortment of edible garden vegetables, consisting of six or more varieties. Basket should be displayed on its side, hence the name cornucopia.

LOT 2: FRESH FRUITS Five on a plate, apples must have stems left on.

LOT 3: FLOWERS & PLANTS  Exhibitors must furnish their own container. It is desired to have foliage with the exhibit. Arrangements must be made by the exhibitor.
 House plants
 Cut flowers 
 Potted herb

FOODS: Recipe should accompany each baked exhibit. For canned foods, they can be either in a quart or pint jar with non-rust lids.

LOT 4: Decorated cakes.

LOT 5: BAKING – A sample will be taken for judging and display and you may pick up the remaining after judging on Thursday if desired. Small items, 3 samples per exhibit. Larger items please exhibit the entire loaf, cake or pie.

LOT 6: FOOD PRESERVATION – 1 jar. For dried foods, ½ cup product or 3 samples of fruit leather

Quilts, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, applique, rugs or other hand or machine sewn items.
** All blue ribbon exhibits from Lot 7 will compete for Best of County Needlework Contest at State Fair. Winner will be informed of entry times and rules for this Nebraska State Fair contest.


LOT 8: Arts—Any medium

LOT 9: Photography – Snapshots, black/white or colored, must be mounted on 14x22 stiff cardboard. There must be 5 pictures in a display.
LOT 10: Models

Each club or organization is allowed one booth. Booths will be judged on following the fair theme, originality and workmanship. Prize money for booths will be blue - $15.00, red - $10.00 and white = $5.00

SMALL ANIMALS & POULTRY  - Make entries through Lyn Nelson 

LOT 12 : Rabbits & Fowl

LOT 13: Poultry - A trio is one male and two females. A pen is three males or three females. Single entries may not be an entry in a pen or trio and a member of a pen or trio may not be shown as a single.

Each teacher at the Loup County Public School will select exhibits from each student to display and be judged. Limit 4 prizes per student and 2 class projects. Please pick up your exhibits after 8 p.m. on Saturday evening. 

Enter Ag. Ed. Exhibits through Mr. Dunbar. Exhibits must have been from classroom projects this past school year.