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Rules & Regulations for Fair Exhibits

1. All entries must be made on entry day at the specified time with judging to occur immediately following the closing time. Exceptions to be considered upon request.
2.Premiums will be paid as specified in each division. If receipts are not sufficient to pay premiums in full, the premiums will be prorated.
3.All livestock in all divisions must supply their own bedding.
4.Protests must be filed with any member of the fair board in writing during the fair. Decisions on such protest will be made at the first meeting of the board after the fair.
5.No exhibits to be removed from the fair unless permission is received from the fair board.
6.The Loup County Ag. Society is not responsible for any damage or injury to exhibits. Care will be taken to protect exhibits. The Loup County Ag. Society will, under no circumstances, be liable for personal injury or less of any property, whatsoever, no matter how caused.
7.All entries will be judged upon their own individual merits, except where specified.
8.The Board prefers competent, out of county judges in all departments. Only if judges away from this area cannot be found will local judges be used.
9.Exhibits must have not been previously entered in this or any other fair.
10.Non Loup County residents may exhibit and be judged, but no premiums will be paid to them.
11.All concessions on the fairgrounds and in the park and designated fairgrounds must have prior approval of the fair board.

Entry Time: Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Premium pickup: Saturday, 9:00 p.m.
Exhibits Released: Saturday, 9:00 p.m.
DIVISION I – YOUTH, Age 14 & under
DIVISION II – ADULT, age 15 & over.
Youth entries will be displayed separately.
AWARDS: Entries in each division shall receive either a blue, red or white placing. Entries shall be disqualified if soiled, unfinished or do not meet the quantity needed for judging.  
PRIZE MONEY: Blue = $2.00 Red = $1.00 White = $.50
BEST OF SHOW: Best of Show shall be selected from each Lot in both Youth and Adult. Prize money shall be $5.00 for each best of show.

Saturday, August 10 …..7:30 p.m.
  Enter floats and horses at southeast corner of football field. Turn in a resume of 30 words or less when entering. Entries will line up on the street south of the school and east to t he highway. Out of towners are eligible for prize categories, but not Grand Prize.
ENTRY TIME: 6:30 p.m. until 7 p.m. All entries must be in place by 7 p.m. sharp! Entries after 7 p.m. may be entered in the parade but may not be judged.
FLOATS: Categories 1. Churches 2. All Clubs & Non Profits 3. Business & Advertising 4. Misc. 5. Antique & Classic Cars 6. Antique Tractors
Awards: Best Overall $50. Each category: Blue $25, Red $20 & White $15.
HORSES: Categories: 1. Horse Group 2. Costume (Horse & Rider) 3. Horse Drawn Entry 4. Family Entry
Awards for Horse Entries: Best Overall $15; Each category: Blue $7, Red $5, White $3.

KIDDIE PARADE 7:00 p.m. Friday
  All participants in the Kiddie Parade must be 12 years old or younger. No motorized vehicles will be allowed. Awards and premiums will be awarded immediately after the parade. All participants should remain in the grandstand area until all winners have been announced, awards given and pictures taken.
  Entry time will be 6:00 p.m. Please line up on the street south of the Log Cabin. Please bring a short description of the entry, including parents and child’s name and title of entry.
Categories: "Summertime Tun"  1. Super Heroes 2. Cartoon and TV Characters 3. Storybook Characters 4. Misc. 5. Decorated Bikes & Trikes.
Awards: Grand Prize $15, Blue $7, Red $5, White $4
PARADE ROUTE: Kids will enter, line up and start on the street south of the Log cabin. The parade will proceed east, circle and proceed back to the west to t he Log Cabin. area